A Professional Ottawa Home Inspector


​A complete unbiased review of all visible components of the home. Starting on the exterior using both technology and deductive reasoning I examine roofing and chimney components, exterior siding and eaves trough, windows, doors and surface grading, as well as foundation and walkways.
Moving inside the home I will begin in the basement and examine the foundation and visible structural components then heating, plumbing and electrical.  I will check electrical switches and outlets and look for tell tale signs of hidden problems as we move through the interior living area.
Vital rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms will be reviewed in detail and then the attic insulation and ventilation components will complete the process.
​I will review the entire report with you at the end of the inspection to help ease the anxiety associated with this important step of buying a home.
​Remember the perfect home does not exist,  but with my help discovering the hidden expenses that are not obvious to someone with little construction knowledge, you and your family will decide the right combination that works for you.

Infra red camera services available at supplemental charge.